Your Consultation

Dr. Freed and his knowledgeable staff endeavor to make each individual patient feel comfortable by creating an environment that is compassionate and respectful and dedicated to ensuring patient privacy. It is the most important step towards learning more about the procedures that will help you to achieve your cosmetic expectations. This consultation with Dr. Freed is only $50 and it may be applied towards your procedure if performed within 3 months of your consultation.

State of the Art Facility

Our beautiful state of the art facility, with its peaceful and relaxing reception area, is where you will arrive on the day of your consultation. You will be asked to provide important written information about what plastic surgery procedures interest you, as well as your complete medical history.

Consultation with Dr. Freed

Next, you will be taken to our consultation room to personally meet with Dr. Freed. He will discuss your medical background with you and your desires for cosmetic surgery. Time is taken to discuss each procedure, which includes education about the procedure itself, the expected outcome, the normal post-operative course, and complications of each alternative. This is important because we want you to thoroughly understand the process of plastic surgery, including the period before a surgery as well as the recovery.

If you are seeing Dr. Freed about body work such as breast surgery, abdominoplasty or liposuction, you may then be asked to change into a medical garment so that Dr. Freed, in the presence of a Medical Assistant, can examine you effectively. However this is not required for all procedures.

Dr. Freed will help you to evaluate your present situation along with your goals to decide which procedure is most beneficial for you. The phases to the surgery will be discussed along with details as to when you may resume normal activities, when you may return to work, and any other common questions you may have.

Treatment Estimate

Once your consultation is completed, Dr. Freed will let one of our Patient Care Coordinators know what you are interested in. She will then meet with you in our private greeting room to introduce herself and present you with a detailed treatment-estimate outlining the procedures and itemizing your costs.

Because Freed Plastic Surgery wants to ensure the most positive post-surgical recovery possible, special additional treatments may be included with your surgical package, such as surgical healing supplements, lymphatic drainage massage, dermasweep, or a complimentary make-up evaluation. Your Patient Care Coordinator will be sure to explain any extra treatments that would apply and how they will benefit your recovery.

Scheduling Surgery

You may be interested in scheduling your surgery that day, and if so, your Patient Care Coordinator will be more than happy to review your scheduling needs to find an appropriate time. Our staff will guide you through the process and help you with any lab work, post-operative garments, prescriptions and post-operative instructions that will be necessary.


Communication is encouraged, and if you find that you have additional questions after leaving your consultation, we invite you to contact our office, where your Patient Care Coordinator, Dr. Freed’s Nurse Manager, or Dr. Freed will willingly respond to any inquiries you may have.

We want you to be pleased with the caring approach our staff takes, from your initial phone call, to assisting you through any treatment you undergo, and we invite you to contact our office to begin your cosmetic surgery process.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Freed and our caring staff to learn if cosmetic surgery is right for you.

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