Surgery Center

Dr. Freed performs surgical procedures only in accredited facilities in the Roseville and Auburn area. Accredited facilities have received certification from a state and/or national organization and have passed rigorous external review of equipment and staff.

At Freed Plastic Surgery our goal is to make your surgical experience safe, comfortable and successful.  Our surgery center is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. To become certified, this facility met stringent national standards for equipment, operating room safety, personnel and surgeon credentials. To learn more about this accreditation you may visit

All surgical cases under general anesthesia are administered and monitored by a board certified anesthesiologist. The operating room is fully equipped with the latest monitoring, anesthesia and surgical equipment for our patient safety. The operating room, as well as the recovery room, resemble the hospital, but with the comfort and confidentiality of a private office.

The Day of Your Surgery

When you arrive at our surgical center, you will be escorted to the pre-operative area by our nurse. She will have you change into a gown, sign your consent forms, take your vital signs and start your intravenous drip. Dr. Freed and Dr. Futch, the Anesthesiologist, will both spend time with you to review anesthesia consent and any further surgical questions that you may have and prepare you for final preparations prior to surgery.

The surgical staff will take you to the restroom and will then bring you into the operating room. During surgery, your family members or loved ones are invited to enjoy our private waiting area and relax with a cup of tea or a variety of beverages and snacks that we offer. They are welcome to bring a laptop or reading material as they wait for surgery to be completed.

Once your surgery is complete you will be moved to the recovery room where you will continue to be monitored. You will be in the recovery room for at least one hour, or until you are fully awake and comfortable. The recovery room staff will provide additional post-operative instructions to your caregiver and then once Dr. Freed or Dr. Futch finds you are ready to be discharged, the nurse will remove your IV and monitoring equipment and then get you dressed in comfortable clothing that you would have brought from home. You will be wheeled out of the office through our back private exit, and one of our nurses or assistance will help you get situated comfortably in your car, and make sure your caregiver feels comfortable with all the necessary after-care instructions.