Mini Facelift

What is a mini facelift?

Mini facelift surgery is the most common facial procedure that Dr. Freed performs. It is popular because it addresses wrinkles and loose skin on the lower half of the face while being performed under a local anesthetic and with a quicker recovery than more involved facelifts. It is performed as an “office procedure”, which is appealing to patients since they do not have to go under general anesthesia in the operating room as well as pay for operating room and anesthesia services.

This minimally invasive facelift can quickly and easily address the most prominent signs of facial aging.

Incisions are placed in front and behind the ears. The skin is lifted off the fat behind, below, and in front of the ears exposing the back edge of the shallow facial muscles just in front of the ears. These muscles are sutured up, giving durability and a more natural appearance to the face. Once the muscles are lifted, the extra skin is removed both in front and behind the ears.

Am I a good candidate for a mini facelift procedure?

It is important that you meet with Dr. Freed to discuss whether or not you would be a good candidate for a mini facelift or more appropriate for a full facelift. You may be a good candidate if:

  • You are in good health
  • Have mild to moderately loose skin along the jawline
  • Have mild to moderately loose skin on the neck
  • Have good skin elasticity
  • Would rather trade longer durability for a lesser cost, quicker recovery, and no general anesthesia

How should I prepare for a mini facelift?

  • It is important to stop smoking at least six weeks before surgery. Nicotine can impair and delay the healing process.
  • Discontinue all blood thinners and any medication that can increase your chance of bleeding two weeks prior to surgery. This includes ibuprofen, diet pills, herbal medications, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and vitamin E.
  • Please arrange transportation with a responsible caregiver to take care of you during your immediate postoperative time period.
  • Before your mini facelift procedure, stock your refrigerator with healthy food, especially foods rich in protein and fiber and low in sodium.
  • If you color your hair, we recommend you do so prior to surgery since you won’t be able to again for another 3-5 weeks after surgery. Depending on the type of color processing you use, you may have to wait longer due to the harsh chemicals used.

What is the recovery like for a mini facelift?

First two weeks

  • Apply Bacitracin antibiotic ointment to your incision twice a day for the first two weeks. It is normal to have drainage from the incision site for the first 24 to 48 hours.
  • Dr. Freed will prescribe you pain medication after surgery. The medication is given with the instructions to take 1 to 2 pills every 4 hours as needed for pain. If you are not experiencing pain do not take pain medication.
  • Some patients are sensitive to pain medication and may experience nausea with it. Taking small amounts of food may help this. Also, patients can begin taking ibuprofen AFTER surgery for pain. Remember not to take ibuprofen BEFORE surgery, however.
  • Avoid straining, bending at the waist, and lifting anything over 20 lbs for the first few weeks. We do not want to increase the risk of swelling, bleeding, and pain.
  • Sleep slightly elevated on your back for at least the first 3 nights to help reduce swelling.
  • You may shower 24 hours after your procedure. You may wash your hair at this time, using a gentle shampoo. You may blow dry your hair; however, we ask that you use the cool setting and not the high heat setting. Please have someone with you the first time you shower. Sit at the side of the bed before standing, and wait until you do not feel dizzy or light-headed.
  • IMPORTANT: A small amount of swelling is normal after surgery, but if one side of your face is significantly larger than the other, then it is important to contact Dr. Freed immediately at 530-885-4151 or 530-889-5841.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise and lifting for the first two weeks following surgery.
  • Avoid hot tubs and saunas for the first two weeks.

Two to six weeks

  • You can expect to have some numbness around your earlobes, face, and neck for several weeks after surgery.
  • Your scars may appear red and be slightly firm and raised for up to 6 weeks after surgery. It is important that you apply an SPF 30 sunscreen each morning and reapplies it every 4-6 hours or more, depending on if you are out in the sun. Also, wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat when going outdoors.
  • It takes a minimum of a year for you to see the final results of your scar, so it’s critical that you do all you can to protect the scars from the sun during that time as well as be on a good medical-grade skincare regime. You have invested in a procedure that addresses your deep wrinkles, so why not invest in your skin health, which will address the fine lines, tone, texture, and pigment of your skin? This is an important step in maintaining your investment.
  • If you have concerns with scarring, we offer a medical grade scar gel from SkinMedica that softens and minimizes the appearance of red or pink scars.
  • With most of our cosmetic procedures, we recommend that patients allow 2 weeks before going back to their normal routines; however, with mini facelifts we often see patients returning to work and their regular activities as soon as one week. With that said, everyone heals differently, so be patient with your recovery process.

How much does a mini facelift cost?

One of the first questions potential patients often ask is “What is the average cost of a mini facelift?” After meeting with Dr. Freed or our Physician Assistant, we will provide you with a quote that reflects what Dr. Freed recommends for achieving the best results.

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Can I finance a mini facelift?

Financing for a mini facelift surgery is an option as well. We work with a variety of excellent financing companies that can be used for all types of cosmetic procedures. CareCredit and PatientFi are both reputable companies that offer a variety of easy monthly payment plans.

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Why choose Freed Plastic Surgery for your facelift

We believe that choosing a plastic surgeon is a very important decision and there are many questions that must be answered when considering cosmetic surgery. You want to make sure your physician is board-certified in plastic surgery, experienced, confidential, caring, and provides excellent care. They should be a member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as Dr. Freed is.

We have listed just a few reasons why we believe Freed Plastic Surgery is the best option for you:

  • Dr. Freed and his staff have a wonderful reputation in the Sacramento, Roseville, Grass Valley, and Auburn areas for being kind, patient-focused and providing excellent care in a private setting.
  • Dr. Freed has over 27 years of post-residency experience with facial procedures.
  • Dr. Freed understands the aging process and how to create a more youthful and natural appearance.
  • Dr. Freed performs a mini facelift as an in-office procedure, which means you do not have to undergo general anesthesia.
  • We have an on-site medical spa and all cosmetic patients receive 10% savings for a year after surgery at the spa as well as a complimentary makeup application from our makeup artist.

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