How to Minimize your Surgical Scar

One of the most frequently asked questions in our practice is, “what will my scars look like?” And “what can I do to improve my scar?”  And now we have an answer from Stanford University’s Plastic Surgeons, Geoffrey Gurtner, and Michael Longaker.  The most recent major advance in scar therapy is called “Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy.

Embrace scar therapy is a new revolutionary product that uses patented Active Stress-Shielding technology to relieve tension on the scar to reduce the formation of scar tissue.

The device works by unloading the tension across a scar which can contribute to “overzealous” scar formation (know as hypertrophic scarring). For it to work, it needs to be applied once the incision is healed (approximately 2 weeks after surgery), and used continuously during the active component of scar healing (6 to 8 weeks).   Embrace is applied to the healed incision, approximately 2 weeks after surgery.  Each piece of Embrace will stay in place for 7-10 days and then need to be reapplied.  The treatment lasts 8 weeks.  Click on the link to see how it works.

Being a new product, we do realize the added expense to your surgery. We recommend Embrace for anyone who forms Keloid or hypertrophic scarring and for procedures such as tummy tucks where a scar is a concern.

For more information on the revolutionary product, visit or contact us and we’d be happy to answer any questions.