Face Lift (Rhytidectomy)

There are many positive reasons why both men and women today are seeking rejuvenation of the face. As we get older the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in the face and make us appear older than we feel. Having a face lift can make you look younger and fresher, and enhance your self-confidence in the process!

The most common areas of concern from people as they age are; wrinkling in the mid and lower face, deep creases that form between the nose and mouth, deep creases below the lower eyelid, sagging jaw line or “jowling”, and folds and fat deposits that appear around the neck.

A face lift surgery can smooth out these wrinkles by removing excess skin, tightening the underlying facial muscles and re-draping the skin of your face and neck. This restores not only the appearance of your face and skin at the surface level, but also the muscular structure underneath on which your skin rests.

Although there are many variations to the face lift procedure, in general, discreet incisions are hidden in the natural contour of your ear, which then extends around the earlobe and back into the hairline. These incisions are typically easy to conceal. There may also be an incision under the chin, which is sometimes necessary to remove excess fat with liposuction. Patients who have had this surgery will testify that there is usually minimal discomfort associated with this surgery; most are back at work about ten days to two weeks after surgery.

Dr. Freed often combines face lifts with other procedures such as eyelid surgery to correct excess skin and fatty deposits in the upper and lower eyelids, or a forehead lift for sagging eyebrows. Combining these surgeries is beneficial for patients interested in rejuvenation of the eyes and forehead as well as the face.

Swelling and bruising should subside within 2-4 weeks. Final results may be apparent in 3-4 months. Incision lines will continue to refine and fade for 1 year.